We will advise ourselves if government doesn’t close down Senior high schools-NAGRAT

The Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) Mr. Michael Ayuraboya has hinted that, its members will be compelled to advise themselves, should government decides not to close down Senior high schools following the outbreak of COVID-19 among students.

According to him, the association could not fathom why government was still adamant at closing down the senior high schools upon several advice by stakeholders.

Speaking on A1 Radio Day Break Upper East, Mr. Ayuraboya blamed government’s negligence of not providing adequate PPE and testing students’ before partially reopening  schools as the cause of the outbreak of COVID-19 among students.

He reiterated that, though school authorities cannot guarantee the safety of students, he wandered government’s interest in still keeping them in the schools.

“The teachers are not safe, their families are not safe and the children are not safe.  And the voices that should have been heard in this country to save them are not being listened to”.

“Because we have seen the situation that COVID-19 has gotten into the schools, that the schools are now incubating the COVID-19 because once we congregate people and we did not take steps to test them and that, the COVID-19 in its different forms, one can have it without showing any signs.

We are very confident that if government doesn’t listen to our calls and to the many voices out there calling for the closure of the schools we are going to have terrible situation in our hands that is not in doubt”.

Mr. Ayuraboya admonished NAGRAT members to strictly adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols, adding that, the association will in due course decide the next line of action should government fail to shut down the schools.

“We are asking them to be very careful, take precautionary measures and if their being there will lead them to contracting COVID-19 they should refrain from it.

But we have made a press statement, we hope that government will listen, if they do not we will come out and advise our members appropriately”.


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