We’re not soldiers, we never promised to sacrifice our lives for the nation – Nurses and Midwives Association


The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) has threatened to prioritize their wellbeing and life over that of patients should the government continually refuse to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to health facilities across the country.

Nurses and Midwives Association have threatened to stop working should the government fails to provide the needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)to keep them safe.

According to them, they are not soldiers who have pledged to put their lives on the line.

The Public Relations Officer of the GRNMA, Joseph Krampah in an interview with Happy 98.9 FM’s Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning Show said:

“When the virus broke out, nurses and doctors called on the government to address our numerous concerns but we were not listened to. Now, there are no PPEs in the system.”

“Health workers, unlike soldiers, didn’t pledge to put their lives down for the nation. We said we will save lives regardless of tribe and treat all lives as equals. If we don’t receive the PPEs, then it means we have to be cautious and move away from the virus.”

He added that:

“But if your life is in danger and you don’t have PPEs to protect yourself, you have to prioritize your life. If we don’t get the PPEs, we can’t risk our lives. There is a law that supports us on this front and we will put our lives first.”

Lastly, he demanded PPEs from the government with immediate effect.

Source: Happy Ghana