Women give their all based on the future they see in you – Pastor asserts


Actor, Director and Theatre Practitioner cum Pastor, Daniel Kojo Delong has observed and conceptualized that women give their all in a relationship depending on the future they see in the man.

Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s male talk show ‘Men’s Lounge’, by host, Nana Yaw Odame, he implied that a woman’s judgement about a man or his future is highly influenced by whatever the man tells her about himself.

“A woman does not come to love on an empty ground. Even if a woman comes to love the poorest man on earth, there is an underlying factor.

A man looks at a year but a woman looks at ten years. The man looks at now but the woman looks at twenty years. That is how women think so someone can say that this man is not the right person for her but she pictures the man in ten years”.

Per his observation, women analyze the current status of a man, how he goes about his life and how he puts things together to determine whether or not he is someone to spend a lifetime with, and this is why a financially stable woman can fall in love with a poor man and ignore all comments that they are not right for each other.

A woman can take time to analyse a man, his level of ambition, his seriousness, how much of a hard worker he is and certain traits about him. Per her judgement, she may or not give her all in the relationship.

If a woman pictures a man as one with a bright future, she may even invest everything she has in him with no fear of him being a failure.