Wontumi explains how NPP intends to snatch all NDC seats in Ashanti Region

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Antwi Boasiako popularly known as Chairman Wontumi, has once again reiterated his party’s resolve in capturing all parliamentary seats in the region including the Asawase Constituency.

Speaking in interview with Kwame Nkrumah Tikese of Okay FM, Chairman Wontumi explained that data from the recent voters registration exercise shows the NPP will capture the Asawase seat.

According to the NPP Regional Chairman, the NDC, per the current data, has lost numbers in terms of registered voters at polling stations where they are likely to win. This, he says, on technical grounds, makes the NDCs chances of winning the constituency and the remaining two it holds limited.

“We have NPP polling stations and we have NDC polling stations. As at the time the registration was over, the NDC had lost 17,000 voters in the polling stations where they usually win. Meanwhile, the NPP has also appreciated by 400 votes in the polling stations where we win,” he stated.

Citing the technicalities of elections, Wontumi said his conviction of the NPP the winning the Asawase seat come December 7 is backed by science and data.

“This has made us very delighted knowing that we will snatch the Asawase seat at all cost. Because if you won by a margin of 600 votes and have lost 17,000 registered voters, that means technically you are out already…Muntaka knows that our Agenda 47/47 is backed by science and data. It is about what we have done and what we can do; the recent registration is what we are referring to,” he explained.

He further stated that a replication of the pattern where there is a reduction in number of registered voters in the strongholds of the NDC whiles there is an appreciation of numbers in NPP strongholds, shows clearly that the NPP is going to win all seats currently held by NDC MPs in the region.

“If you go to Ejura they won by a 1,400 margin. After the registration their winning polling stations reduced by 258 voters whiles we appreciated by 4,558. Which means that we have cancelled out their 1,400,” he said.

The biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress, currently holds three parliamentary seats in the Ashanti Region. The NDC MPs holding a seat in the NPP traditional stronghold includes the current Minority Chief Whip Mubarak Mohammed Muntaka.

The NPP led by its Regional Chairman has sworn to ensure the party captures all 47 parliamentary seats in the Ashanti Region come December 7, 2020.


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