Wontumi pledges 1,000 bags of cement for refurbishment of Asomdwee park as Koku Anyidoho Weeps

An interview with Koku Anyidoho on Wontumi TV/Radio in Kumasi on Tuesday, ended abruptly when the one time communications Director at the presidency during the Atta Mills regime broke down in tears.

Koku who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Atta Mills Institute lost control of himself while explaining why he had to beg his party colleagues to be able to honour in a befitting manner, his former boss whose cause of death has generated a lot of controversy.

Emotionally-stricken Koku, apparently feeling rejected and abandoned by his own party people to single-handedly perpetuate the memory of the late President by erecting a monument could not be consoled.  For about five minutes he chanted  an old popular gospel tune, “In his time, in his time……..” as he sobbed uncontrollably.

In between his sobs and the emotional song delivery  he still managed to deliver a message: “I’m not supposed to break down…. I beg to to be assisted to put up the  Asomdowe Park in shape…… In God’s own time the monument at the  Asomdowee Park will be constructed .I will build the Asomdwee Park.”

As Koku was about to hang up because he could not be engaged in any conversation  Chairman Wontumi pulled a surprise. He made  an unexpected intervention by pledging to donate 1000 bags of cement to help “the Atta Mills boy” fulfill his dream of honouring his former boss with a monument befitting the status.

The gesture somehow,  enlivened the programme with bewildered Koku  expressing a spontaneous   appreciation to his benefactor.

Chairman Wontumi explained that he was touched by Koku’s act of loyalty to his former boss.

“Koku’s loyalty to his former boss is unbelievable. Every leader needs a loyal person but it is not easy to come by them. He has been consistent and demonstrated  loyalty to the highest level to express his love  for the late President.”

According to Chairman Wontumi, Professor Mills had a biological son in the person of Kofi Atta Mills but Koku Anyidoho proved to be a truer son of Mills. He pleaded to God give him somebody to love him too.

“Koku we are with you. You’ve proved to be a loyal person. May you continue to have an open heart.” Chairman Wontumi made a solemn pledge.

The interview with Koku conducted on phone ended too soon compelling the host to follow established protocols by  apologizing  to the station’s audience for terminating abruptly what would have been a lively and prolonged interview.

Koku who was supposed to make  a lively reflection of the wreath-laying ceremony at the Asomdwee Park last Friday to mark the 12th anniversary  of the late Professor Mills  during which there was a report that a member of government had promised to help him build the monument.

Reacting to the  report Koku said it was “fake news”  which he personally put out . He however, could not explain the reason before he was choked with tears to taint the interview.


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