Worse things will be done to your daughter- Wendy Shay hits back at Keche Joshua

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Wendy Shay has demonstrated her dissapointment in Keche Joshua for mocking her and insinuating that she was depressed or into drugs.

In a viral video, Joshua of Keche fame derided the songstress stating that upon careful reflection, he feels Wendy Shay is not alright upstairs.

Playfully, he burst into laughter afterwards and seemed to be picking on Wendy’s supposed mess.

Meanhile, Wendy Shay has responded with a tweet and has expressed her dissapointment at the rapper’s actions.

The Roughtown Records signee added that Joshua’s wife should be ashamed of him for such childish behaviour.


Keche Joshua Wendy Shay
Keche Joshua Wendy Shay

Wendy added that for Keche Joshua, an experienced artist, to tease a budding one knowing the struggles musicians go through is shameful.

The Uber Driver hitmaker added that Keche’s daughter would go through even worse ordeal for his actions.

According to Wendy, she is no either on drugs or going through any kind of mental breakdown.

She clarified that her self confidence is what is taunting some people and creating that misconception.

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