You are hypocrites and God will judge you- Prophet Kofi Oduro slams Akufo Addo’s government

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Prophet Kofi Oduro has asked the government to take responsibility for the surge in COVID-19 cases. 

According to the founder of the Alabaster International Ministry, Akufo Addo and his government is to blame for the sudden outbreak.

He asserted that the rigorous campaign activities prior to the December elections with no measures taken to avoid the spread of the virus is to blame.

The preacher slammed government for deflecting blame unto citizens when people trooped out during campaigns with no COVID protocols observed.

Prophet Kofi Oduro added that the struggle for power at the inauguration of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic which saw lawmakers involved in a scuffle also led to the surge.

“What this country hates is the truth. Government should take responsibility for the increased COVID numbers and stop pushing blame. Where were the nose masks during campaign? People were sitting on people’s laps and dragging themselves in Parliament. Where was social distancing? You are hypocrites and God judges hypocrisy,” he raged.

Meanwhile, President Akufo Addo in his 23rd address to the nation over the COVID-19 situation banned public gatherings and mentioned that government was still monitoring the situation.

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