‘You’re Not My Class’ Is Making You Go Over 30 Years Without Finding A Husband – Ghanaian Lady Slams Slay Queens – Video


A viral video at the moment on social media shows a lady warning her fellow slay queens and boss chicks that if they don’t stop claiming ‘you’re not my class’ they will never find a man to marry them.

The video, recorded at the end of last year before covid changed the world, is a warning to her fellow slay queens.

According to her, ladies of this day claim they have ‘class’ and reject men who approach them yet they are growing old with no husband.

According to her, immediately a lady comes out of the university she thinks she’s made it in life and starts rejecting all men approaching her if they’re not rich or have a profession she thinks is reserved for ‘big men’.

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Hence they reject men with trade jobs such as masonry, or upcoming ones like NABCO and NSS personnell.

According to the lady, due to this mindset such ladies have passed their 30s without finding a husband. In the long run, some of the same men they rejected become rich and use them as side chicks.

Watch the video below…